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August 2019

(Plastic Vinyl) Leaf Protection!

This is a Big NO!

PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL PLASTIC LEAF PROTECTION! You would be better off installing nothing than installing these.

Plastic leaf protect lacks rigidity, it has no structural integrity. It is highly reactive to the temperature fluctuations we experience here in the Northeast.

It collapses into the gutter and gets quickly impacted with organic debris. Also being easily ripped from the gutter in strong winds or storms, it could crack and fall apart.
Call the Pros at Island Gutters and get some seriously effective all aluminum leaf protection installed today!

July 2019

What Were They Thinking?!

Just spotted this office building ....."NO GUTTER SYSTEM!" CRAZY!

As a result of the constant flow of rainwater off the roof and down onto the deck, stairs, etc, this building has sustained significant ancillary damage to everything below the roofline.

Not to mention the liability of a fall from constant moisture creating a moldy, mildew based slippery surface!
Wise up, call the pros at Island Gutters and get some new gutters and leaders installed!